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A GLOWing 2014


It seems like everywhere you look there's another Top Ten list to celebrate the end of the year.  Here at GLOW, we're no different. As we prepare the champagne and ready ourselves to ring in the new year, it's important to reflect on the successes of the year and set goals for bigger and better opportunities.  Boston GLOW certainly had an inspiring year of growth and empowerment in 2014, and so, without further ado, we present to you, in no particular order,


The Top Ten GLOWing moments of 2014:



"The more women who negotiate the more normal it becomes"

- Katie Donovan CEO of Equal Pay Negotiations

While each of our Spitfire events are memorable, in October, Katie Donovan of Equal Pay Negotiations returned for an encore presentation on salary negotiation and knowing one's worth. Questions were asked, expectations challenged, and more than one Organized Women member can successfully say that her salary has increased thanks to Katie's guidance. If a salary increase is one of your New Year's resolutions, we suggest checking out


"I can see my vision become a huge reality"

- Huixian Li 2013 IGNITE Change Winner




 In 2013, Huixian Li's community change plan to address community involvement and leadership of the women in Boston's Chinatown neighborhood caught the eyes of our IGNITE Change contest. In 2014, Huixian, with the help of our Organized Women 
volunteers, worked to make her mural project a reality. After nearly a year of planning, project designs, and scouting spaces throughout the Chinatown neighborhood, volunteers gathered during an early May weekend to paint Huixian's vision in a mural for the Chinatown YMCA.


"And now, we IGNITE the NITE"

- Emily Copeman, Director of Development and Fundraising and Co- Chair 2014 IGNITE the NITE event

In late February, over 300 people gathered at the Artists For Humanities EpiCenter to celebrate GLOW's accomplishments, dance the night away, share the voices of our Girl Leaders and raise funds to keep our programs going. We are thankful for an incredible team of passionate volunteers who made the event gorgeous, entertaining and a huge success


"Four years ago, I wrote an essay. I didn't know where it would take me. Now I'm about to graduate college"blog_hyacynth.jpg

- Hyacynth Dixon, 2011 IGNITE Change Contest Winner 

In March, our first every IGNITE Change contest winner, Hyacynth Dixon, took a night off from her busy college and work schedule to speak to the 2014 class of IGNITE Change winners. Hyacynth spoke of empowerment, challenging herself and building a community. We are proud that Hyacynth plans to graduate with her Bachelor's degree this year with a goal of on working in nonprofit fundraising development and community leadership.


"A Scholarship is Established!"

- Jenna Paone, Director of Organizational Strategy

This year, Boston GLOW was fortunate enough to partner with Simmons College MBA program to over a $20,000 scholarship for a deserving active Organized Women member to continue her education in business and leadership. For three years GLOW has provided training for OW members through our Spitfire series, but this partnership solidified an easier pathways of academic attainment for the Organized Women of Boston GLOW.



"We're GLOWing Global"

- Leah Moschella, Boston GLOW Founder


In August of 2014, our Founder, Leah Moschella was selected to lead a delegation of students and young professionals from the United States to Tunisia in Northern Africa. During the delegation, Leah met with young leaders from Lebanon, Egypt, Germany, France and Tunisia in addition to the representatives from the United States. The trip focused on dialogue and intercultural sharing on some of the world's most pressing and controversial issues. Leah proudly shared the impact of Boston GLOW, and GLOW is proud to have a global presence.  We aim to continue to provide opportunities to connect empowered women from these countries to one another in the upcoming year.



"I've learned so much and I'm proud to be a part of this group of women"

Sasha Forbath, 2013 IGNITE Change Finalist and 2014 Vagina Monologues Cast Member


Not only to our 2014 production of The Vagina Monologues raise nearly $7000 and have an audience of over 300, this year our cast featured two of our IGNITE Change Girl's Leadership winners, Iliana and Sasha. We were thrilled to add the young leaders to our community, but even more inspired when they spoke to their peers during our annual youth performance and talk back. The cast led a question and answer session with local teens about sex, violence, love and empowerment. 


"We are still writing women's history"

- Suzanne Bump, Massachusetts State Auditor and Spitfire 2014 Speaker

On a cold night in March, women from throughout Boston gathered to hear lessons in leadership from one of the Commonwealth's most respected female elected officials, State Auditor Suzanne Bump.  Speaking of leadership, taking on new challenges and committing to bringing up the next generation of female leaders, Suzanne Bump inspired our OW community. She reminded us that we are making changes every day as we continue to write women's history


"We're part of something so large and powerful when we connect with others"

- Annie Gaughen, Director of Girls Leadership

Boston GLOW strives continuously to connect with other organizations empowering women, both locally and globally.  During 2014, GLOW was selected as an inaugural case study and cohort of organizations as part of the launch of Girls Thinking Global.  Representatives from GLOW were interviewed and attended the launch event in New York City in December.  We look forward to strenthening our relationships and learn from the successes and challenges of women working globally to empower women and girls.  


"That's My Seat"

-Ariana Ortiz, 2014 IGNITE Change Finalist and GAPP 2014 Participant




In September, Boston GLOW, along with the Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus and the Caucus of Women Legislators,
hosted the first ever Girls About Political Participation (GAPP) event at the Massachusetts State House. During the day, ten Girl Leaders participated in Appreciative Inquiry Interviews with ten female elected officials from Massachusetts. The girls were then treated to a personalized tour of the State House from Representative Ruth Balzer including time spent on the House and Senate floor in addition to visiting the Governor's Office. The Girl Leaders participating left the day eager take a step into political leadership, pointing excitedly to their future seats in the House of Representatives.




The reality is that none of these moments would possible without you - our supporters, volunteers, donors, Girl Leaders and Organized Women. You have each contributed to making GLOW shine brighter each year.

We look forward to IGNITing 2015 with each and every one of you at the 5th Annual IGNITE the NITE at the Artists For Humanities EpiCenter in South Boston.

Thank you for an incredible year!


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