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A Summer to IGNITE Change: Step 1 - What Kind of Leader Are YOU?

Last week, we shared our winning IGNITE Change Project in our Real Girl Leaders Series.  This week were are excited to announce a new series as we work as a team to make Huixian’s project a reality.  GLOW IGNITEs Change!

 For some people Saturday mornings are about lazing around, good cartoons and enjoying the opportunity to take advantage of a well deservGroup_1st_mtg.JPGed chance to sleep past the alarm clock. 

However, this is not the case for the Girls’ Leadership team of Boston GLOW.  Weekends this summer have provided valuable occasions for the planning and implementing our winning IGNITE Change project.  This year, Huixian Li, an 18 year-old from Chinatown and recent graduate of Charlestown High won the opportunity to be mentored by a  team of GLOW’s Organized Women, and, with the support of her other IGNITE Change Finalists, see her project come to fruition from start to finish. 

So what does it take to make our leadership GLOW?

For our team of IGNITE Change Girl Leaders, first up, was defining our own leadership skills.  Sometimes we forget that not all leaders are the most vocal outspoken public speakers.   For some of us, our leadership is connected to our attention to detail, for others our ability to envision a grandiose dream, and still for others leadership is the ability to understand the needs of the entire team.  Remember while Barack Obama is president, he still has speech writers to make his rhetoric eloquent, schedulers to organize his day down to the minute, and countless researchers developing policies to make our society work. 

During our first IGNITE Change meeting, GLOW’s Organized Women mentors gathered with IGNITE Change winners toleadership_direction.JPG discover their natural leadership abilities using the Leadership Compass.  Drawing from Native American theory the leadership compass explains the balance needed in four elements: North – the task oriented, East – the big thinkers, South – the people-drive and East the critical thinkers. 

During the afternoon, we learned that our team of IGNITE Change leaders and mentors have a balance of many skills, each that will be essential to making Huixian’s project a reality.   Each group of leaders talked about how they’d contribute to the project and what support they might need to make the project a success.

Of course, after lunch, it was time for brainstorming the mural.  Huixian shared two sketches of potential murals, and the team shared ideas for the final project.   Ideas flowed from city landmarks, to women's faces, to a map of the T.  Huixian was sent back with hundreds of ideas to help her paint!

What will the final mural look like?  Stay tuned for Part 2 next Wednesday!!

For more information about how you can participate in making Huixian’s IGNITE Change Project a Reality or to learn more about the 2013 IGNITE Change Leadership Projects, email

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