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A Summer to IGNITE Change: Step 3 - Put Your Ideas on Canvas

Today we continue our series highlighting the work of the 2013 IGNITE Change leaders and their mentors as they implement the winning IGNITE Change Project, entitled "Painting to Find Ourselves" by 17 year-old Huixian Li.  Check out her winning project here:
Step 1. Discover your leadership skills and set goals for successful teamwork.
Step 2. Explore the culture, sounds and excitement of a complex Boston neighborhood.


So what comes next for Boston GLOW's 2013 team of Girl Leaders as they work together to implement Huixian's winning community change project?  
...The answer, of course,  involves color, Boston city landmarks, and one incredibly talented young painter and community leader: Huixian Li.    
When Huixian entered the 2013 IGNITE Change contest, the central idea of her entrepreneurial project involved inviting the the women of Chinatown to join together to create a large, vibrant and engaging mural in the city of Chinatown.  The mural will be both an artistic expression depicting the women of Chinatown while also serving as a functional community tool: a map of the city of Boston and how to get around using the MBTA.
During the months of May and June Huixian and her Organized women mentors met to discuss her vision for the mural and review her initial sketches.  It wasn't until the month of July that the team revealed drafts to the broader team and during a collaborative brainstorming session developed what was eventually presented to community and business leaders as potential city beautifying and educational mural in Chinatown.
At first glance, it is common for people to question, why a mural?  What sort of community impact can a mural have?  In Huixian's vision, painting the mural will bring together a community of women in an opportunity to develop relationships, common bonds and expose them the the diverse opportunities and services available to them throughout Boston.  Furthermore, it will be a permanent reminder of the beauty that can be created when women come together.
Thanks to the support of Artists For Humanity, a Boston-based nonprofit where Huixian works as a painting apprentice, she received advice from professional and experienced mural painters and was supported with a canvas and paint for her creation.  In early August, after much anticipation, the painting was revealed to the GLOW team.  With much excitement, the team witnessed the culmination of their brainstorm on a colorful and inviting canvas.
teaser.jpgSo what will the official completed mural look like?  Well, that's a secret, but here's a little piece of Huixian's incredible creation.  Check out our twitter @Boston_GLOW for weekly mural snippets.  One thing is true, not only is Huixian inspired to make a difference in her own community by empowering the women on Chinatown to explore their city, but she's also one talented painter!
For more information on Huixian's project, how you can get involved, or about the 2014 IGNITE Change Leadership Contest, contact Annie at
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