Boston GLOW is a breeding ground for the modern day superwoman. GLOW fosters opportunities for women of all ages to become empowered community leaders and active world citizens.

About GLOW

About Boston GLOW

Behind every great leader is a strong community. Over the past few years, Boston has proven its strength to the world, and its girls and women are ready to do the same. Boston GLOW fuels their fires, giving them the resources and networks they need to dream—and more importantly, to act and achieve.

What We Do

Boston GLOW empowers girls and women to confidently use their voices and become leaders in our communities. Girls’ Leadership (GL) identifies and rewards motivated female youth who possess powerful ideas through scholarship, micro-grant, and mentoring programs. Boston GLOW’s Organized Women (OW) engages and inspires a network of women at issue-focused events and in numerous service and leadership training opportunities that help them reach their full potential. This dual approach has established a nurturing support system for tomorrow’s leaders, assembled a core of enthusiastic volunteers, and has already affected measurable and meaningful results throughout the Boston area.

Who are the Girl Leaders?

Girls' Leadership focuses on empowering girls locally and meaningfully. The IGNITE Change Leadership Contests challenges teen girls in Boston, Somerville and Cambridge to create an actionable plan to change the role of women and girls in their community. To encourage this dialogue, Boston GLOW offers scholarships, mentorship and support to ten finalists each year; in 2014, the grand prize will be a $5,000 scholarship, with a total of $17,000 awarded across the finalists. The winner also receives a tablet computer, an internship with Boston GLOW, and $1,000 to make her plan a reality. Additionally, the Sparks program creates an ongoing space for teen girls to have an engaging, challenging space to discuss these issues. Finally, Girls About Political Participation is a new and exciting endeavor that seeks to combat the lack of female representation in politics with a new narrative of success, interaction, and solidarity. The Girls’ Leadership program is fueled by the annual IGNITE the NITE gala, held each February.

Who are the Organized Women?

These engaged women gather at monthly Spitfire events to talk about issues women face in today’s world—and to network and enjoy each other’s company. Whether they’re discussing salary negotiation tips or standing up for a more civilized Bostonian nightlife, they are the change they want to see in the world. They are often the volunteers that have become so crucial to the success of Boston GLOW’s mission, and they are the role models for generations of girls to come. Organized Women collaboratively sponsors Boston’s VDAY Campaign to End Violence Against Women and Girls, the city’s community productions of The Vagina Monologues and One Billion Rising. These events and the women involved are always hot tickets.

An Organization That Keeps Giving

Boston’s girls and women are at the heart of Boston GLOW and are the very reason why it is unlike any other organization. Their dedication, ambition, and creativity have helped build this organization’s strong foundation of women’s empowerment and achievement. They have shown that they can not only spark a fire within themselves every day, but also ignite that same passion within students and professionals in their community. Through Boston GLOW, these inspirational women and girls will continue to pass on their invaluable wisdom, resources, and networks to the next generation, so that these future leaders will follow in their footsteps, transform the city, and inspire others for years to come.


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