Boston GLOW is a breeding ground for the modern day superwoman. GLOW fosters opportunities for women of all ages to become empowered community leaders and active world citizens.

Calling all fierce, fabulous & philanthropic Boston women! GLOW is now recruiting committee volunteers for IGNITE the NITE 2013!

Today marks the official launch of planning for our third annual fundraiser, IGNITE the NITE!

we_want_you.gifWe are now recruiting volunteers to join and/or lead committees in several areas crucial to the success of this year’s event, which will be held on Thursday, February 28th, 2013 at the EpiCenter at Artists for Humanity in Boston's Seaport neighborhood. Our biggest source of funding is our annual IGNITE the NITE gala, which raises scholarship money for young women in Boston who want to become educated, successful leaders and need educational and financial support to achieve their goals. We want to make this year's event better than ever to provide even more for Boston's young women in need. As part of that mission, we are asking each and every one of our supporters for your help.

We need other fabulous women to work alongside us in making this year's event a massive success. GLOW is currently in the running for some major local and national grants and other funding that will propel Boston GLOW to the next level but those opportunities will be largely hinged on what we can raise on our own. GLOW is going places, fast, but we need support.

So, we are asking YOU to join us. Yes, that’s right, YOU! 

We need movers and shakers recognized in the Boston community to draw guests to the event and to help attract donations in the way of catering, bar, decor, flowers, lighting and silent auction. Think fabulous women in the Boston community who are passionate about giving back and most of all, reflect the spirit of GLOW as a modern day superwoman. 

Below we’ve listed the main opportunities for willing volunteers – please read and consider being a part of the IGNITE the NITE team this year. We plan to kickoff committee work this coming Monday, November 19th so please act now!

If you are interested in any of these areas, please email and we can share more detail about what is entailed and what we've done in past years.

This is our most important event of the year and a rewarding experience for all volunteers. In just two years, we've raised over $40,000 with no budget and only a handful of dedicated volunteers. Those dollars have translated to 8 of our scholarship winners going to college, some of them first exiting the shelter system, procuring safe housing and earning their GED, others finally leaving behind a neighborhood riddled with gang violence to start a brighter future for themselves and their families. The list goes on - 408271_329088333789644_1810152207_n.jpgand we can achieve so much more, with your help.


2013 Event Committees

  • Host Committee - This the leadership team that oversees all committees and guides the development of this year's event. This committee is made up of the GLOW executive leadership team, our intern and IGNITE the NITE Production Manager Samantha Crockett and a group of individuals heavily involved in the planning of last years' IGNITE the NITE. This team will also lead the charge on aggressively promoting the event on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and other social media outlets as well as promote the cause to local and national media outlets from newspapers and magazines to TV and radio. Recruiting 5-10 volunteers.

Volunteer committees:

  • Social Chairs - This is a team of highly social, well-connected networkers who can help personally promote the event to a broad range of guests and prospective donors. This team has attended countless galas and events of this nature and can ensure that ours is one to remember. Recruiting 5-10 Social Chairs.
  • Event Design - this team is focused on the look and feel of the event. The team will develop and execute a creative vision for the event - sourcing donations for floral design, lighting, seating and tables, unique decor elements etc.  Recruiting 4-5 volunteers.

  • Food/Beverage Catering & Additional Vendors: This team will ensure that our guests are well-fed by Boston's best chefs, caterers and restaurants and have fresh, fun cocktails in hand. Additionally, these ladies will make sure we have any additional professional vendors required by our venue: licensed bartenders, security, etc. Recruiting a Committee Chair and 4-5 volunteers.

  • Silent Auction- This team will organize a silent auction offering that draws competitive bids from guests young and old, soliciting donations from local and national businesses large and small. Recruiting 5-10 volunteers.

  • Volunteer/Volunteer Management - This team will oversee the individuals who volunteer their time for the night of the event. Working closely with the chair of the host committee & the intern/Production Manager, this committee and onsite volunteers will manage the execution of the event, working on every detail from registration to help with silent auction bids, and everything in between, ensuring things happen on-time, as planned.  Recruiting a Committee Chair and 5-10 volunteers.
  • Entertainment- this team will coordinate music and a keynote speaker for the evening, working with our band and DJ to create the perfect playlists, our event design team on a stage setup 409134_329945553703922_1434043766_n.jpgwith audio and visual elements and with our PR team on a concise but powerful program. Recruiting 2-3 volunteers.

Members of all committees will also be responsible for promoting the event through ticket sales, personal social media, word of mouth, contacts in the media and any other marketing outlets available.

We can use all the help we can get - whether it's volunteering a few hours of your time to help with any of the above committee work, leading a team of volunteers or something we haven't thought of yet - all ideas and willing participants are welcome with open arms.

~ The GLOW Leadership Team

Check out some footage from last year's event here:

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Calling all fierce, fabulous & philanthropic Boston women! GLOW is now recruiting committee volunteers for IGNIT...
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Calling all fierce, fabulous & philanthropic Boston women! GLOW is now recruiting committee volunteers for IGNIT...