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GAPP--Girls About Political Participation




On September 18th, 2014, eleven girls and twelve female politicians gathered in Nurses Hall in the historic Massachusetts State House for a day of personal interviews, the first Girls About Political Participation (GAPP) Interview Day.  It was an incredible event--right on time, the legislators came down the stairs from their seats to find the girl they were matched with, and they spent more than an hour sharing experiences, discussing how they overcame their doubts and obstacles, and explaining how and why they got into politics.  The girls took furious notes, asking more questions, bonding with their legislator as they sat in Nurses Hall, the very first place in the State House where the contributions of women were honored. 

After the interviews, Representative Ruth Balser led the girls on a tour of the State House, and it was then, as they walked through the hallowed halls and envisioned the possibility of their futures there, that one of the girls pointed to a chair at the front of the House of Representatives and said,

"That's my seat."

Now it's YOUR Turn!  Applications for the 2015 GAPP Program are now open!  

Applications are due September 5th!



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