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I Rise Because it's Not Every Day...

Today is the 3rd day in our #WhyIRise series.  Our author is Natalie Perry.  Natalie lives in Worcester with her family and works in Boston. She works in economic development and is part of the Massachusetts Women's Leadership Fellows program. This is her third year participating in the Vagina Monologues. Every year she looks forward to reconnecting with the diverse community of strong women.


I rise because it's not every day...
That a woman gets to tell her story
That someone asks to hear it
That the validity of her claims won't be scrutinized
That as the victim we won't blame her for being drunk or going to the party or marrying the wrong man
That she isn't afraid to tell the truth
That the media won't exploit her truth

I rise because 2014 was a tough year to be a woman. Media coverage of missing girls, elevator surveillance footage of brutal domestic disputes, and graphic reminders of rape culture attacked me on the news everyday. I rise because they couldn't, but I can.

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