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I Rise to Tell You: It's Okay

As we continue our “Why I Rise” blog series, we are proud to provide a platform for women of all backgrounds to share their own stories.  We invite you to rise with us and the Boston Community on February 14th at 5:30pm in Copley Square.  There will be dancing and an open mic opportunity for you to add your voice to the movement. 

Today’s blog post is written by a 2014 Vagina Monologues Cast member, N. Narula.


It’s Okay

 I’m a twenty-year-old college student attending a private research university in Boston, MA. I am majoring in English Education and hope to teach my own creative writing class one day.

 I also have a family (as well as a pug) that lives on another continent. I miss them very much, but you would never guess that I miss them because I am one of the most independent young women you will ever meet.

I’m proud to rise with the Boston V-Day movement and provide voices to women.  I’m proud to do my part in ending violence against women and girls. I am also a virgin.

            If I were to introduce myself to you, I would probably tell you about the first few things I wrote in my introduction.

I might also tell younavieobrblog.jpg how I see myself. But reveal to you that I am a virgin—that I have never, ever had sex? Not really something I share often.

If you asked me, though, I genuinely would share. I would tell that I am a virgin.

            I am not afraid to have sex. I hear it’s enjoyable and I’m sure that it will be for me. I’m not ready yet and I know that it’s okay. I am not afraid of not knowing how to do it. I can do it. I could really do it anytime I want, but I want to wait—for marriage.

Why? Because I want to give myself to a man that I believe will stick with me. Yes, a man like that does exist. He may not have waited like I did, but nonetheless, I’m pretty sure I will excite him more than any other woman ever has.

I am a virgin, and if you are one as well, please know this: It’s okay.

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