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I rise - What other choice do I have?

Today's Why I Rise post comes from 2014 Vagina Monologues cast member, Carissa Daniels. Carissa is currently a full time Math Fellow at English High School and Executive Director of the Fenway First business association.  

We are honored to share the voices of women in the Boston community, and we invite you to participate in Boston's One Billion Rising event at 5:30 in Copley Square on Friday February 14, 2014.

I rise -
What other choice do I have?
To fall is inevitable -
You are tripped, sometimes
Pushed and often not
Forward as you should be but rather
Others will walk over you
Look the other
Way so what choice do you have?cdblog.jpgBut to pick yourself up,
and beyond that even,
Stand taller because this world will make you
We get in our own way and falter - we,
We forget that we are the givers of
(the same life that will later knock us down)
But in that moment, when you rise,
You remember, those that came before you
Blazed the path that now you must
And you rise, I rise, we rise because
It's the choice we have - the choice we make
Backwards is not an option,
A pillar of salt.
Forward, onward, upward
Higher, ever higher. I rise and I'll take you with me- the next time
I stumble or you fall, we will not
Leave each other
Behind - because there is only
Up and we get there
As one.



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