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OW Spotlight: Crystal Torman, Chair of Volunteer Management for IGNITE the NITE 2014

crys.jpegCrystal Torman, Chair of Volunteer Management for IGNITE the NITE 2014 and Associate Director of Girls' Leadership

Last year, Crystal joined Boston GLOW to help plan IGNITE the NITE 2013 as a newcomer to the organization. She took volunteer management for the event by storm and wowed us with her leadership skills, attention to detail, forward-thinking and passion for working with people. Since then, Crystal has become part of Boston GLOW's Leadership Team, currently serving as Associate Director of Girls Leadership programming. In addition to her work for GLOW in that capacity and her "real" day job working for the City of Boston, Crys is leading volunteer management for IGNITE the NITE again this year and we are so lucky to have her. 

Tell us about you:
With 10 years of childcare experience I genuinely believe in the power of youth. Through my work with City Year New Hampshire, Camp Schodack, and a variety of schools I have seen young people accomplish amazing things with the support of adults that care. I believe with my whole heart that "It takes a village to raise a child" and it is all of our responsibility to serve as good role models and mentors for our youth. They are our future.

Who is your female hero?  
I struggle to identify just one woman as my female hero. I see women every day that stand up for what they believe in, fight injustices big and small, and try their hardest to leave this world a little better off then how they found it. These women are all around us. They are my inspiration.

What is one thing you would like to see change for women in the world?
One simple thing I would like to see change for the better is more women supporting each other and less women bringing each other down. Especially, but not specifically in the middle school, and high school levels.

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