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OW Spotlight Lucy Eilbacher

Lucy Eilbacher joins Boston GLOW for her second year as Chair of the Food & Beverage Committee for IGNITE the NITE. Lucy was a new volunteer to the organization last year and stepped up to lead her team late in the game. Lucy's dog, Punkin, joins the IGNITE Host team regularly and is perhaps the most treasured mascot for Boston GLOW.1012729_10101103009307319_1357166219_n.jpg

Q: How did you become involved with GLOW and what is your current role/contribution?
I became involved with GLOW because I wanted to start to give back to the community again by volunteering some of my time and skills. I am an event planner for a non-profit by trade and thought I might be able to do some good by using what I know to help GLOW plan their annual fundraiser. I currently chair their food and beverage committee for IGNITE the NITE.
Q: What inspires your passion empowering and advancing the role of women in the world? 
I think that women and girls have so much to offer this city, state, country and world. Unfortunately they also have so many obstacles that stand in their way. I think even a small nonprofit like GLOW can make a big impact in a few women and girls. I love the thought that we can help empower and advance the role we play in the world in such a local committed way. 
Q: What was your career goal as a young girl and how did that evolve as you progressed through your education and professional life?
I think my career goals as a young girl were forever changing. I wanted to be a teacher, a marketing guru and even the President of the United States. However in high school I attended the March for Women's Rights in DC right around the time Bush was elected for a second term. The passion and dedication I saw and heard about at the march made such an huge impact on me. It solidified a need to make sure women were given equality in everything. A goal I work towards and think of constantly.
Q: What experiences led you to where you are now?
Maybe it's cliche but I feel like I've grown up with such strong women influencing my life, from my mother who taught me the strength every woman can have to teachers/professor, as well as a few wonderful bosses and mentors in the work force that helped me quickly grow my career in fundraising and events. 
Q: Who are your female role models?
First and foremost would be my mother. She is a strong woman who is always giving her opinion to anyone and everyone regardless of whether they want to hear it or not. Cecile Richards, the President of Planned Parenthood Federation of America (being an employee of Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts myself), she is in a very powerful and important role, one that I think she handle with great dignity and grace. PP has come a long way since she took control. Lastly, I idolize the fictional character Leslie Knope, from Parks and Recreation. I know that may seem silly, but she is such a great ideal of someone that is very committed to improving her community and all of her personal relationships. She handles life with such humor and love.
Q: What would you like to see change for the role of women in our world? For the future?
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