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Real Girl Leaders: Akili Sundai

Every Wednesday here at Boston GLOW we highlight a young woman making an impact in her own community as part of our #RealGirlLeaders series.  We truly encourage you to share, comment and spread the word that the young women in our communities are doing big things, creating change and letting their voices be heard.

Today is no different.  Today we bring you a #RealGirlLeader, Akili Sundai.  

Akili is from Cambridge, MA and is a junior at Cambridge Rindge and Latin School.  In 2014, Akili was selected as an #IGNITEChange Finalist for her community change project proposal to encourage young women in STEM fields to connect.  In 2014 and 2015 Akili was selected as a GAPP Girl Leader as part of the Girls About Political Participation (GAPP) program.  Last October, Akili, had the opportunity to meet with and discuss political issues with Senator Joan Lovely of Salem, MA.  

We had the opportunity to learn more about Ms. Sundai when we asked her a few questions.



Boston GLOW: Tell us about a woman who inspires you:

Akili: My mom inspires me the most, because growing up she lived in a very poor environment, but she has le

Boston GLOW: Who are your political inspirations?arned how to solidify herself and make the most of what she has. My mom always tells me that I need to take advantage of all the different resources and opportunities available to me, and strive to do my best because I do not only represent my myself, but my family as well. Additionally, my mom pushes herself everyday to do the best she can, even though there are many people that may try to stop her from succeeding. In my eyes, I find this very motivating because you cannot let anyone stop you from accomplishing something you so work hard for.

Akili: Fadumo Dayib is very inspirational, primarily because she is aiming to run for president in Somalia- a country where they dismiss women's rights. I find it empowering how she is at Harvard studying so she can return and run for president.

Boston GLOW: What does it mean to be an active citizen?

Akili: In my opinion, a citizen means to connected and engaged in your surrounding community, and to show an effort to improve or point out the flaws in the community.

Boston GLOW: What are your career goals?

Akili: I wish to work at a CDC lab, to help research and find cures for diseases in the future. 


Akili Sundai and the 2014 Girls About Political Participation Elected Officials and GAPP Girl Leaders Participants at the Massachusetts State House.

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