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Real Girl Leaders: Ayan Ahmed

Can you believe it? Today is the 15th Wednesday in our #RealGirlLeaders blog series.  We have loved highlighting the incredible young women of the Boston area and starting conversation about their ideas and community leadership.  

Today we are thrilled to continue the series with Ayan Ahmed.  Ayan is from Roxbury, MA and is a sophomore at Community Charter School of Cambridge. Her goal is to be the first Somali American elected official.  

ayan_388.JPGShe is very passionate about education access and equal funding for education, and the importance of  providing children regardless of their neighborhood, language or background with access to a high quality education in a supportive environment.  Ayan served as a 2015 Girls About Political Participation leader and was able to meet with Representative Alice Peisch, the Chair of the Joint Committee on Education from Wellesley, MA.  

We asked Ayan to tell us about a woman who inspired her:

"The woman that inspires me is my mother, Deeqo Jibril. My mother was born in the capital of Somali, Mogadishu. She is the youngest of 5 children. When my mom was one year old her father passed away. In 1991 there was a civil war in Somali, at the time my mom was in 7th grade attending Hawo Tako middle school. My mother lost family members in the civil war. She was among the the lucky ones who escaped to Kenya at a refugee camp. After living in the refugee camp for three months she had the chance to come to Boston. Today my mother is an entrepreneur, humanitarian, and ardent activist of social justice. Being a single mother of four children she exemplifies a new generation of African women and her strength of character set a uniquely valuable model for women of African origin to emulate. She was able to break the shackles of cultural barriers that still undermining women’s role. Rising above countless obstacles herself, she unwaveringly set out to reach out immigrant women and children in Boston and her zeal and integrity started to get noticed by not only African women but also by individuals and institutions that uphold the same principles as hers. She has worked State Senator Jarrett Barriors, Governor Patrick and Elizabeth Warren’s Campaigns. She was chosen by the Massachusetts Commissioner on the Status of Women as one of their "Unsung Heroes". My mom is also the founder and Executive Director of the Somali Community and Cultural Association (SCCA) in Boston with a Vision to support and elevate the role of Boston’s Somali community in the political, social, and economic life of the city."

Ayan's political aspirations are Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Senator Elizabeth Warren, US. Attorney Carmen Ortiz.

Hopefully we'll have the chance to vote for Ayan in the future! #RealGirlLeaders


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