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Real Girl Leaders: Isho Haji

Today we continue our #RealGirlLeaders Wednesday series.  This fall, 8 passionate and talented young women from the Greater Boston area participated in Boston GLOW's 2nd Annual Girls About Political Participation (GAPP) program.  These high school aged female leaders worked on a cross-generational leadership project aimed at decreasing the gender gap in women's political leadership.

The GAPP Girl Leaders each met with a female elected official, shared stories and discussed the importance of women in political representation.  Today we highlight Isho Haji, a Boston GLOW #RealGirlLeader and participant in the GAPP Program.

Isho Haji is from Dorchester and is a senior at the John D. O'Bryant School.  Last September she met with a delegation of female leaders from Thailand and had the opportunity to interview with Representative Cory Atkins of Concord, MA.

We asked Isho a few questions:



Boston GLOW: Who do you see as an inspirational woman?

Isho Haji: 

A women who inspires me is Helen Keller, an author, political activist and lecturer. She is also deaf and blind. Throughout her life time she accomplished so much despite her disability. I am partially blind often times people assume that I cannot do much, but thanks to her I felt that I shouldn't cross off my dreams of being in the health field just because of my disability.

Boston GLOW: What does it mean to be a citizen?

Isho Haji: Being a citizen means that I receive the same rights and opportunities as everyone else in America despite my physical appearance, and my identity as a Muslim girl.

Boston GLOW: What three questions would you ask a female elected official?

Isho Haji: 

1. In field where women are 

underrepresented what led you to becoming a politician?
2. Why do you think a lot of women are not in politics?
3. As a women in what ways do you think the U.S would benefit from electing a female president?


Isho poses with the other GAPP Girl Leaders and two women delegates from Thailand.  We are proud to have Isho serve as a 2015 GAPP Girl Leader and represent the #RealGirlLeaders of Boston.  

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