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Real Girl Leaders: Kailana Harriott

We love Wednesdays!  Why? Because it's #RealGirlLeader Day!  We love to share profiles of young women in our community making a change, following their dreams, and being true active leaders.  Everyday our #RealGirlLeaders prove that you don't have to wait until you're an adult to make an impact!  

Today we highlight Kailana Harriott.  Kailana is a 2015 Participant in the Girls About Political Participation program that allows high school aged young women to connect with female elected officials.  Earlier this year, Kailana was able to demonstrate her commitment to creating opportunities for her peers by meeting with Representative Jennifer Benson.  

Kailana is from Roxbury and is a Junior at Elizabeth Seton Academy in Dorchester.


Here's what Kailana has to say!

Boston GLOW: Tell us about a woman who inspires you:

The woman that inspires me would have to be myself in the future. There is a certain vision that I have for myself and what I would like to see myself doing in the future. This inspires me to make better choices so that one day that vis


ion may become my own reality.

Her political inspirations are:

A woman that inspires me would have to be Hillary Clinton because she has done so much for our government and not let herself be cast in the shadow of her husband along with not feeding into the gender roles that are ever present in our society.

The questions she would like to understand are:

1)Do you feel as though you are able to have a balance between both your personal life and your political career?

2) Have you been a witness to any gender roles in your
profession or position?

3) what women inspired you to take a profession in politics?

After meeting with Representative Benson, Kailana is eager to explore more chances to understand the political process and looks forward to speaking at the State House soon.  

Do you have questions for Kailana? We'd love to hear your thoughts!


Is there a young woman in your community making a difference? We'd love to highlight her in future #RealGirlLeaders posts.  Email for details.


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