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Real Girl Leaders: Larisa Bogomolov

IMG_7881.jpgToday's #RealGirlLeader is Larisa Bogomolov.  Larisa is from Lynn is a senior at St. Mary’s School in Lynn. She is particularly interested in women's leadership and issues of climate change and conservation. She is an advocate for natural parks and resources in her spare time.  As part of the GAPP Program, Larisa met with Representative Christine Barber of Somerville.

We are inspired by Larisa's leadership in her community, and we asked Larisa to tell us about a woman who inspired her:

"One of my biggest heroes is my mom. I am a triplet, and, currently my mom is the sole provider for our family. She works as hard as she possibly can while introducing my brothers and I to many new experiences. She has made me into who I am today through introducing me to art, literature, travel, language, and many different cultures. She supports me at all of my sporting events and any other event I have. She has taught me to love everyone, and has helped me to reach many of my goals."

When it comes to politics she sees Condoleezza Rice and Sandra Day O'Connor as influences saying,

"Condoleezza Rice is one of the most influential women in politics today. Not only because of her influence in foreign policy, however, because of her calm manner and how well she handles herself. Rice has worked rigorously throughout her life and lived through major periods in American history. Her vast knowledge of language and foreign affairs blows my mind.Another woman in politics who truly is an inspiration is Sandra Day O'Conner. She grew up on a ranch, and, defied all odds by having a love for learning. She defied the cliche roles of women of the time by earning a degree from Stanford in economics, and, then earning a degree in law. Sandra broke the glass ceiling and became one of the first women on the Supreme Court."

To learn more about Larisa or any of our #RealGirlLeaders, email [email protected] We'd love to hear your thoughts abd share as many strong, smart and active young women in our community!

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