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Seasons Change, Spitfire Returns!

Ah Boston in the autumn.  There always seem to be a bustling of new activity as students return for the new year, we rush to the apple orchards and eagerly break out the crock pot. For me, I have a fall tradition of revisiting the Onion's article, Mr Autumn Man for a quick laugh.  But what I find much more impressive than a Pumpkin Spice Latte is the energy and passion of Boston's Autumn Women.  Last Wednesday, the community of Boston GLOW was reminded just how inspiring the women of Boston will be this autumn.  After a summer break from our monthly networking series, Spitfire returned.
For those of you who are unaware (or hopefully looking to get involved!) on the first Wednesday of every month from September - June, the Organized Women of Boston GLOW gather for "Value-Added Networking" we call "Spitfire".  These monthly sessions are full of energy, connection and ensuring that our individual flames can burn brighter as women making a difference in our communities.


 Value-Added Networking is a concept that means each time we come together we focus on networking, professional development and one specific topic of interest expressed to us by our Organized Women members.   The topics have covered Women in Voting, Salary Negotiation, International Girls' Education Access, the History and Status of Feminist Activism in Boston, Financial Wellness, Street Harassment, and, of course, How to Be a B*tch.  
Our goal is simple: We aim to share resources, connect with one another, and build a network of smart, sassy and prepared female leaders of Boston.  These are our Organized Women.  They become our volunteers, our mentors, our event planners and ultimately the team that makes us GLOW stronger and brighter.
 Our first Spitfire of the new season is always an opportunity to reconnect with active volunteers for whom we are incredibly
thankful and also to meet and greet some women who are new or returning to the Boston GLOW family.  
Over 25 women attended the event and were greeted by the GLOW leadership team. The group shared interests while setting goals for involvement for the year.   Women gathered to speak of their inspiration for community leadership varying from mothers looking to balance their time commitments; professionals looking to understand more of the nonprofit fundraising world; women new to Boston looking to meet and connect with like-minded women; and women just completing law school eager to become reconnect with their feminism in their new found free time.  We're fortunate at Boston GLOW to meet such a diverse group of women's interests in leadership.
I'm going to be honest (and I may be a little bit biased) but the women of Boston GLOW are inspiring, brilliant, passionate and 765.JPGpowerful.  Each time I attend Spitfire, I am reminded of the importance of building a community and what it means to support the diverse personal and professional backgrounds of Boston's Superwomen.  I know I speak for the full leadership team of Boston GLOW when I say that we truly look forward  to getting to know you, supporting your ideas and goals as female leaders.  We want to hear your perspectives on what can make GLOW shine brighter, and we are always eager to find new Spitfire topics and presenters!  (If you're interested in knowing more, you can always email


And  don't forget that we are shining bright at Spitfire events the first Wednesday of every month so go update your calendar for repeating events!  
We look forward
 to seeing you at our next Spitfire on October 1st at 6:30pm at Hosteling International.  Our speaker, Katie Donovan, of Equal Pay Negotiations will provide insight in negotiating your career including advancement, passions and salaries!  There will be plenty of time for networking, Q&A and, of course, free snacks!  RSVP today!
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