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This idea, and this quote, has been a guiding principle of GLOW, and particularly of our Girl's Leadership division, since we started.  Sparks are beginnings, connections, flares of light.  They have the easy ability to be extinguished, but given the proper setting,


In practice, Sparks are events that create space for an idea to take hold, and give back tangible takeaways or tasks to sustain that idea.  Here are our upcoming offerings, currently focusing on the IGNITE Change Leadership Contest:

Start the Conversation

Monday, September 30th 6PM, 29 Winter St, Boston MA

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IGNITE Change is all about creating a conversation around problems that exist for women in YOUR life--in your community, school, even in the city at large.  What kinds of issues do you see women struggling with?  What problems do you face?  What problems do your mothers, sisters, cousins, friends face?  Starting the conversation is all about developing that initial idea that will develop into your essay.  This Spark focuses on guided conversation, reflection, and confronting the problems in our area. 

Turning Problems into Plans

Monday, October 7th, 6pm, 29 Winter St, Boston MA

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Identifying issues in your community is one thing, but how do we create actionable change from those problems?  This is arguably the most difficult part of the contest and we've created this workshop to specifically address historic issues we've seen in previous years' essays.  What does it mean to be actionable?  What kind of plans will truly make an impact?  Girls should come to this Spark with some idea of what they want to write about--it doesn't have to be final or specific, but identifying an issue will help them engage more meaningfully in the Spark!

So...About That Budget

Monday, October 21st, 6pm, 29 Winter St, Boston MA

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So you're not a financial wizard.  Shocking!  We ask for a detailed budget for your plan not to confuse you or prevent you from applying, but to think about your plan in a real world context.  An awesome plan means nothing if you can't make it happen realistically!  Additionally, it's a main point in our judging.  We don't want to leave you hanging--we want to give you the tools to succeed.  At this Spark we will go over the format, how to use this budget effectively, and how you can get a little creative.  Girls can come to the Spark with a finished plan or just starting out!

Be Wise and Revise

Monday, October 28th, 6pm, 29 Winter St, Boston MA

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Revision is one of the best skills you can have as a writer, a student, and a leader.  It allows you to step back from your work and look at it with a critical eye so that you can continually improve.  But easier said than done, right?  We will go over some excellent and easy revision techniques and give you some hands-on support for your plan.  The closer you are to a finished product the more we can do with you, but this Spark will have excellent takeaways for all girls interested in attending!


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