Boston GLOW is a breeding ground for the modern day superwoman. GLOW fosters opportunities for women of all ages to become empowered community leaders and active world citizens.

Submit your ideas and proposals for GLOW's Spitfire series

Boston GLOW is always seeking new ideas for our Spitfire series. We encourage you to share proposals for Spitfire events and topics you would like us to cover, things you want to learn and subjects we should discuss as a community.

Please email [email protected] to submit ideas for 2016-2017 season

SPITFIRE, is the signature event of Boston GLOW’s Organized Women (OW) division. The creation of the Spitfire Series grew out of our desire to build a strong and supportive community of women in the Boston area. The first Wednesday of every month the OW Community gathers for "Value-Added Networking" events bringing together women from a huge cross-section of industries, passions, ages, and races to mix, mingle, and make things happen.

So what is "Value-Added Networking"?  Each month we pick a topic that we think women will find useful, enlightening, and fun, and build each evening around that theme. Sometimes we’ll have a dynamic guest speaker, other times we might show a documentary. Add cocktails and appetizers and you’ve got yourself one heck of a party.

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