Boston GLOW is a breeding ground for the modern day superwoman. GLOW fosters opportunities for women of all ages to become empowered community leaders and active world citizens.

Thankful for a GLOWing future

This week, many of us will gather around a Thanksgiving table and reflect upon the abundance of life’s gifts for which we are grateful.  We will reflect upon the support of family, laughter from loyal loved ones, and the phenomenal fortune we have to be supplied with health and security and in a world where such a fate is not universally granted. 

It is easy to lose hope about the state of the world during these challenging times.   One cannot watch the news without being bombarded by economic turmoil, worldwide attempts to overthrow oppressive governments, global and local poverty, crippling diseases, and devestating wars.  These atrocities are juxtaposed by ostentatious displays of elaborate wealth and waste leaving viewers frustrated and oftentimes powerless. 

However, at Boston GLOW, we cannot help but be enlightened by the power that we have seen throughout the Boston community and GLOW network.  

We are truly thankful for the amazing support we have received and the achievements of this past year.  Less than a year ago, Boston GLOW began to form its versatile, passionate, and enthusiastic team of leaders.  It wasn’t long at all before this team had begun to amass accomplishments – all of which we will be counting as blessings this Thanksgiving:

  • We are thankful for each of the 114 active volunteers in the Boston GLOW community.  These are women who tirelessly coordinated events, spoke with passion during the Vagina Monologues, walked with pride to fight AIDS, and signed thank you notes to sponsors. 
  • We are thankful for the 1600 volunteer hours donated by these extraordinary community leaders
  • We are thankful for over 100 donors and sponsors who, despite rough economic times, selflessly contributed to our cause of girls leadership.
  • We are thankful for the Inaugural Class of IGNITE Change Essay Contest Winners.  This group of 16-19 year old young women, who were granted $6,000 in scholarship funds after winning our first IGNITE Change contest, inspires us daily as they overcome the daily struggles of life to accomplish monumental goals.
  • We are thankful for each of the nearly 500 community members who attended our networking events, panel discussions, fundraisers, and performances.

Boston GLOW is quickly approaching its first birthday, and we are in awe of these accomplishments.  Mostly, however, we are thankful for our future.  We are thankful for the future that we envision for Boston GLOW as we establish new initiatives and remind ourselves of the immense and inspiring ability of women and girls. 

On behalf of Girls’ Leadership, Organized Women, we wish you and your loved ones all a joyous Thanksgiving, and remember that this year, we are thankful for you, the Boston GLOW community.

Keep Loving, Keep Fighting!

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Unbelievable to see it in numbers like that! RT @Boston_GLOW Thankful for a GLOWing Future
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Thankful for a GLOWing future: This week, many of us will gather around a Thanksgiving table and reflect upon th...
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The Boston community is also thankful for you Boston GLOW for empowering and encouraging teen girls and women.
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Thankful for a GLOWing future via @Boston_GLOW
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Well said Leah!
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Thankful for a GLOWing future: This week, many of us will gather around a Thanksgiving table and reflect upon th...
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