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2012: Year of the Women...of GLOW

2012 was a tremendous year here at Boston GLOW as we move forward and shine brighter.  As we’ve enjoyed a few days off this holiday season, it seems that every television channel, magazine and website is offering some sort of Year End Top Ten List. 

So, for the first time, Boston GLOW proudly presents

TOP TEN GLOWing Moments of 2012

(in no particular order…every step towards women’s leadership is important to us)

2012_blog.jpg10. 2011 IGNITE Change Winner, Hyacynth Dixon meets with Ayanna Pressley and tells host, T. Whitlow, “I’m sure I can have your job one day thanks to GLOW”

GLOW kicked off 2012 with a night on fire!  We were thrilled to welcome Boston City Councilor Ayanna Pressley as our keynote speaker, along with over 40 silent auction items and 300 guests!  With volunteers working tireless to ensure that every flower and candle found the perfect place, every bite of Chef Anthony Ambrose’s food was delectable, the band rocked IGNITE the NITE 2012 was a success! 

9. From Workshops to Winners.  IGNITE Change Workshop Participants ask, “Can we stay lonworkshop.JPGger and talk more?”

After our first IGNITE Change Contest, we were disappointed when we heard feedback from teachers and youth workers saying, “my student didn’t enter because she didn’t think she could win”.  We committed to make 2012 better.  So in the true spirit of GLOW, we set out to IGNITE our own change.  Volunteers were tasked with the mission of designing and delivering workshops for any and all young women interested in entering the contest.  We were thrilled to work with Artists for Humanities and 826 Boston to make it happen.  Over all twelve volunteers gave over 90 hours to support girls in these workshops, and four participants wrote winning essays for the contest! 

8.“You get a netbook, you get a netbook!" IGNITE Change Winners Receive their well-deserved prizes

After months of recruiting, workshops and essay evaluation thejudges’ results were in, bringing us to our number 8 top moment of 2012:   Surprising the 2012 IGNITE Change Winners with not only scholarships, books and mentors but also a new netbook! We think Board Members Annie and Jenna may have enjoyed their Oprah impressions a little too much, but definitely a moment for the records of GLOW, maybe not just 2012!

7.  “Over 8000 nerve-fibers to be precise” – The fifth year of the Vagina Monologues performs to sold out vday_cast.jpgaudiences

Victory for Vaginas! For the 5th year, we joined forces with the YWCA of Boston to perform Eve Ensler’s play, The Vagina Monologues.  Yet again, our three performances brought sold out audiences to their feet and over 30 talented women made us laugh, cry and question the experiences of women worldwide.  2012 saw our largest Vagina Monologues cast and helped us raise of $4500 to end violence against women and girls. 

6. “Is that really a mummified cat?” – IGNITE Change Winner at the Museum of Fine Arts Mentor Outing

Shakespeare? Degas? Just another Wednesday for an IGNITE Change Winner…I’ll admit, I think my favorite GLOW moment of 2012 was being captivated by mummified cats with our IGNITE Change winners and mentors while taking advantage of free Wednesdays at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  Why spend summer eveningOutings.jpgs stuck inside when you can take advantage of free Shakespeare plays, picnics in the park and spending time with the future of the community?

5. “And with the most tweets, the winner is @Boston_GLOW” . GLOW takes home the prize for the most twitter support at the Yelp Boston Hop2it VolunBeer Fest at the Somerville Arts Armoy

Okay, the women of GLOW have a slight competitive spirit, and when we heard we could win a donation while recruiting volunteers we set Yelp.jpgto work.  Collecting photos of participants who Support Strong Women and telling everyone we could about our mission we collected tweets and ultimately, took home the prize from Yelp Boston.  Makes you want to follow @Boston_GLOW on twitter, right?

4. “Look at my new lab coat” – Kheyla, IGNITE Change Winner after spending the day with career mentor Dr. Taj Kattparum

Imagine, not only did you win a financial scholarship, a new netbook, books no one has read before, and but you also get your chance to go behind the scenes at Mass General Hospital with one of Boston’s female doctors?  One of the highlights of the summer (and year) included talking to our IGNITE Change winners about careers, and connected them to Career Mentors – women in Boston who are making it happen! awards_dinner.jpg


3. “Hold your elected officials accountable. Mentor future leaders. Pay it forward” Marissa Szabo of the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus at We the Women November Spitfire

Waking up the day after the 2012 election was not only a huge moment for GLOW, but for the future of women with a record number of female senators elected, women’s vote making a strong impact, and an all-female delegation elected in New Hampshire.  On Nov 7th, the Organized Women of GLOW, along with the Mass Women’s Political Caucus gathered to celebrate the results and learn what the next step is for women and politics in the United States. 

2 "Growing up I had no women of color to read about, so I have written them." Padma Venkatraman author of Climbing the Stairs speaks to an audience at the FIGHT LIKE A GIRL Author Panel and Contest Kick Off

They say there are no positive images of strong girls in the media.  Well, we found ten young adult and middle grade authors who are actively working to change that.  Led by GLOW’s own published author, AC Gaughen the panel set forth to address this concern and talked about their heroine’s struggles, identities and the importance of strong girls in books.  After the event, the Girls’ Leadership team kicked off the 2012 IGNITE Change Leadership Contest. 


1.  Board members ask, “Yes…and…” as we plan the future of GLOW

The best part of Boston GLOW is that we never settle.  Our goals are never met because there’s always a way to shine on and burn brighter.  One of 2012’s GLOW highlights was gathering in June with the GLOW board for a full weekend of critiquing the past, setting new goals, and planning for the future of GLOW.  Did you notice our new logo? Plans for a bigger, better IGNITE the NITE? Monthly Spitfire Opportunities? And actually implementing the IGNITE Change Contest Winner’s project?? All ideas that came directly from this passion filled, organizing weekend making it a definite top ten moment of 2012.  Check out our “Yes and…” strategy:


It’s been a fantastic year as Boston GLOW continues to grow.  We sincerely thank our volunteers, Organized Women, board members, IGNITE Change winners, supporters and funders for helping us create all these spectacular memories.  Thank you so much for a wonderful year and we look forward to truly setting fire to 2013. 


GLOWing forward,awards_dinner_group.jpg

Leah, Emily, Annie and Jenna and all of us at Boston GLOW



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