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We're Voting Ayanna Pressley on November 8: Boston City Council Elections

We’re Voting Ayanna Pressley on November 8: Boston City Council Elections

One of our favorite female leaders in the political arena happens to be right here in Boston – and she’s running for re-election next Tuesday, November 8.  We’ll be eagerly waiting our turn at the polls for a slew of reasons, chiefly the following:

  • She represents women: Pressley serves as Chair of the Committee on Women & Healthy Communities, a body assembled by Mayor Menino specifically for Pressley’s charge, and has worked tirelessly to fight for women’s issues in our community – addressing sexual assault, gender equality in the workplace, teen pregnancy among others.  With the departure of Maureen Feeney, Pressley remains as the only female on the Boston City Council. She has spearheaded efforts to address issues particular to girls and women including teen pregnancy, human trafficking, sexual assault, and employment equity.41843c_Biz_02262011.jpg
  • She represents diversity: Though more than 50% of Boston’s residents are of color, Pressley is the first woman of color to be elected to the Boston City Council in its 101-year history.  This year, she demanded the investigation of a downtown nightclub accused of discrimination against black guests – the club was ordered to pay $30,000 in fines, which were donated to organizations formed to help black students attain higher education.
  • She isn’t afraid to go grassroots: Pressley’s “100 Club” urges supporters to reach out to 10 family members or friends to raise $10 each. Rather than relying on big figure checks from a handful of wealthy supporters, Pressley is looking to low-voting communities to amass low dollar contributions by word of mouth.  Even her approach to fundraising challenges the status quo.
  • She doesn’t shy from telling her story. Earlier this year, as part of her efforts to reduce and report sexual violence on city college campuses, Pressley revealed she was raped while an undergraduate student at Boston University. This is hardly the first time she has shared a personal experience in order to deliver a compelling message.  Her willingness to be the face of an issue demonstrates a rare balance of strength and humanity.

Councilor Pressley also serves as the Vice Chair of the Arts, Film, Humanities & Tourism Committee as well as the Vice Chair of the Public Safety Committee. She also sits on the following committees: City, Neighborhood Services & Veterans Affairs; Economic Development & Planning; Education; Government Operations; Ways and Means, and; the Special Committee on Census & Redistricting.

Outside her role in government, Pressley is deeply engaged in community and non-profit organizations focused on civic engagement and youth mentorship, as both a leader and a mentor herself.

Political commentator Marvin Venay put it well: “Ayanna Pressley is the voice for a demographic that goes unnoticed.  She’s the epitome of a councilor for the people and she has relentlessly fought the fight from day one.”

This Tuesday, November 8, get out and vote!  For polling locations and more information:

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