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We The Women

womenvote.jpg  Throughout the course of this election, we’ve certainly heard an awful lot of talking.  More importantly we’ve heard an awful lot of talking about women:

Equal pay. Contraception. International women’s education.  Defining Rape.

Single Mothers. More...

We’ve heard candidates spill their hearts about their spouses and mothers in hopes that they will win over our hearts and ultimately, our votes.  We’ve even seen massive mailings from candidates covered in pink and teal touting their individual love and support of women.   We heard the commercials and laughed at the memes circling the internet.

It cannot be denied that this pandering is occurring for a reason.  The numbers are clear: women’s votes will most likely determine this election.  There’s no denying the importance of your vote, and we at Boston GLOW highly encourage you to honor the countless women who fought for years to gain our suffrage.  We encourage you, regardless of who you vote for, to remember the three girls who’s petition ensured a female presidential debate moderator.  We remind you that women hold a mere 16.8% of US Congressional seats.  We remind you that your vote determines the fate of others who are unable to vote.  Those unable to vote like Malala Yousafzai the Pakistani teen who was shot by Taliban forces for her dedication to her own education.  Remember those unable to vote like the young girl who may have been raped or the young woman unable to pay for college when she graduates high school.  Don’t forget that your vote matters.
But what happens after the election?  

What happens when the commercials end and @Romneysbinders is lost somewhere in #FiredBigBird’s nest?  After the ballots are counted,  newly elected officials will be sworn in or re-elected officials will return to their offices, ready to enact policy and represent our voices.   Do we flee to Canada in dismay that our facebook campaigning was ineffective?  Do we cheer on our candidate as they take oath?

First we vote first, but then we hold the winner accountable for what we think.  On November 6th we will elect a candidate to represent us, but it is our job to ensure that the decisions made represent our voices and our needs.  Democracy doesn’t end at the ballot box.  Our voices shouldn’t just be heard once every four years.  

So really, what does all this mean?  Well, none of us have all of the answers, but we certainly aim to discuss it! 

We at Boston GLOW, along with the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus invite you to join us

Wednesday November 7th (Yup, the night after the election!)

to discuss how the election will affect women and girls on both a local and global level and how to enact change beyond the ballot box.  
Let’s start the conversation Wednesday Night!  

Please RSVP at
All proceeds from the event will support our IGNITE Change 2012 contest providing leadership training and scholarship opportunities to high school aged girls in the city of Boston, but should you need financial assistance, please use the discount code Spitfire for 90% the ticket price!

Good luck at the polls tomorrow and see you Wednesday!

-The GLOW Team


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100 years ago #women couldn't vote. We encourage you to VOTE today!
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100 years ago #women couldn't vote. We encourage you to VOTE today!
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We The Women:   Throughout the course of this election, we’ve certainly heard an awful lot of talking.  More imp...
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