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why I Rise.

Tomorrow is V-Day. Tomorrow we will come together to Rise. Strike. Dance.  Join us at 5:30 at Copley Square.  

Today's blog post comes from Michelle E. Bailey-Flood. Michele is a daughter, wife, mom and is grateful for all the support she's been given through her journey and hopes to be able to give back as much as she's received. She is also a cast member of the 2013 Boston Community Production of the Vagina Monologues.

I am rising...
for the shadows cast on the every day lives of the everyday girls
and the every day women,
for the shadows cast on their every day lives
I am rising...
                        so those every day girls, every day women, every day lives,
                        can bask in glow and the sunshine,
                        no longer living behind the shadow.
I am rising...
                        for the careful, tender, understanding husbands, lovers, friends
                        who know
                        exactly what to do or say
                        even when the only thing to say is nothing.
I am rising...
                        for the ones who rise
                        and the ones who can't.
            I am rising...
                        for pasts that cannot be forgotten
                        and for futures that will be bright.
I am rising because of the one billion women who will experience abuse in their life time, more than half of them will experience abuse multiple times, because once a woman is abused it seems to happen to her again.
I am rising because, while my own abuse was not news worthy, not comparably horrific, or deadly, there were multiple occasions and span many years.
I am rising because I have always said and have wanted my actions to reflect and speak my truth, that if my experiences can help just one person heal, or keep just one person from experiencing abuse, then there is meaning behind my own experiences.
I am rising...
I am RISING...
                        I am rising to heal...finally.
                        I am rising to feel whole... finally.
I am rising as one...
                        I am rising as one small voice with the hope that one more small voice, and one
                        after that and after that and after that will rise
                        and find their one voice.
And all our voices will be heard
and each as one
I am rising.
Michele E. Bailey-Flood

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